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iPhone to TV: Stream video wirelessly


Video Stream, like AirVideo or StreamToMe, is an app that streams video from PCs and Macs to iOS devices with the help of a companion program installed on the main machine. It’ll re-encode on the fly to make virtually any format play nice with Apple’s fussy gadgets, and you can choose to download those re-encoded copies to your device for local playback. Nice.

But the new update allows you to control Video Stream from another iOS device, too, meaning you can plug one of your iWhatevers into the TV, pump video to your big screen, and control it on the couch from your other iWhatever. From the looks of things on the video, an iPhone 4 can handle HD playback just fine, though I’d imagine that might not be the case for the old third-gen iPod Touch that’s been gathering dust in the shoebox in your closet. And true, you won’t get the Netflix cover art mosaic sexiness of the real AppleTV, but if you’re just trying to watch those episodes of Modern Family you downloaded, this will get the job done. Video Stream’s new update is live in the App Store for $ 3, though there’s a free version you can try first.


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iPhone Rumors

Ever since it’s debut, the iPhone has been the ‘King’ of all phones.  Recently, there have been many rumors regarding the status of the iPhone.  in other words, the iPhone may end up on another carrier besides AT&T.  Necessarily this isn’t a bad thing.  There have been many rumors for several months that the apple is mass producing CDMA technology iPhone’s.  Why is this important?  AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM carriers while Sprint and Verizon are CDMA carriers.  Essentially, the iPhone is going to make a debut on another carrier.


Will Apple release an iPhone for a CDMA carrier in 2010 or early 2011?  Rumor has it, early 2011 is a good estimate.  If you are thinking from Apple’s perspective, releasing the phone around the Holidays (November-ish) would be the smartest business decision.

I don’t have an iPhone at the moment, but I would get an iPhone instantly if it switched to a CDMA carrier.  The iPhone is a innovative technology and I think it would dominate the phone market if it was on more than AT&T’s network.

What is your opinion?

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