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South Park Begins October 6th!


South Park is the most controversial show in recent memory.  Now the show is returning for an EPIC 15h Season!  The show normally follows current events and mocks them in some way.  Most notably last year was the Tiger Woods scandal.  The show has won several critically acclaimed awards including Best TV Series.  The show has a loyal fan base and many expect it to continue that way.

The show has such an array of characters and you have to low each and every one of them.  That is if you’re a fan of the show!  The best character on the show has to be Stan’s Dad, Randy Marsh.  Randy is the parent who tries to fit in with the children while making obscene examples of what he thinks is ‘good’ parenting.

For those of you mature enough to enjoy a GREAT show.  I recomend you start watching on the 6th!



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Dealing with Negativity

The following review is in response to a fellow Blogger –

You can find his post here –


Negative people are all around us.  But, how we deal with those people really define who we are.  “A Philosopher’s Blog” (now referred to A Phil), really got to me in his blog post.  He stresses there are two types of people out there: 1) Those who have nothing nice to say 2) Spammers who are post useless comments your blog with useless comments.


In regards to the Spam…Just delete these posts! But, wouldn’t it be convenient if blog sites did a much better job on screening their members?  Or at least there comments?  That would be a “perfect” world.  Yet, we have to deal with excessive spam.  But negative comments are another issue.

In regards to negative comments, we as bloggers can not determine a certain tone or voice from simply reading a message.  We have to be able to look at these messages from both sides of the coin.  On occasion you will get users who genuinely comment on your blog, but there wording may come off as “mean” or “rude.”  It’s just text folks!  There are mean people out there and those comments should be deleted, but all comments should be reviewed.  Take your readers questions/comments to heart and respond to them!

So, for my first blog post I thought I would post a quick review of another bloggers post.  With my own two cents of course!

But, should we really allow negativity to rule our lives?  What are you questions/comments?  Please let me know!

(This is my FIRST blog post.  Feel free to comment on style, point of view, etc.  It’s greatly appreciated!)

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