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Michael Scott: His Final Season


For those of you who watch, love and enjoy NBC’s hit show “The Office,” Steve Carell announced several months ago that Season 7 (this season) will be the last for him.  Now, this necessarily doesn’t mean that this season will be the final season.  But, with one of the biggest names leaving the show, will it continue to succeed?  My prediction is that the show will last for one…maybe two extra seasons.

E-Online reports this will be the actors last season.  You can read this article here:

Why do stars tend to leave these hit shows?  I know they don’t want to be tied down to a series that is running out of ideas.  But, from my perspective…once a show establishes characters can’t the show go on for 10-11 seasons?  Friends did it!  It will be sad to see Michael Scott leave the show, but I’m a Steve Carell fan.  So, I wish him the best!!!

Here are some funny Michael Scott moments from the show!

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