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Revolution of Online Poker

Since 2003, poker, especially Texas Hold’em, has become revolutionized in the United States. This notion can be credited to Chris Moneymaker, notice the name? If not, you’ve obviously spent some of your life living underneath a rock, or in China
Moneymaker (left) won over $2.5 Million, yes million, in 2003. Ever since his effort, more people have been picking up a deck of cards. The game of poker didn’t belong to the “Professionals” anymore, it’s now a common-mans game. That is if you have the money to play. Big tournaments can range anywhere from $500-$10,000 dollars. Be prepared to take out your wallet if you want to play, and make sure you know a little bit about the game as well.

“No casino’s are near my residence, I can’t find a game anywhere,” no problem Mr. Cliche Quotation! (luls) Online poker is how many people in the United States can gamble straight from their home! What a genius invention!!! There are a ton of online poker applications that you can choose from. “But…Mr. Sawvell…what online poker application should I play?” Shit…it’s the the damn Cliche again…

Online Poker Applications

There are several ways to start assessing on where you are going to play. The key things you have to know before you start playing online poker:
  • Does the poker client offer play or real money? Do they offer both?
  • How many people are apart of this poker community?
  • What are the bonus’s I get if I sign up?
After looking at those three keys you can start to decide what client is best for you! The “Big Three” in Poker Applications are: Full-Tilt Poker, PokerStars, & AbsolutePoker. The reason why they are the near the top, is because they meet the three credentials on above. You then should start to look at the deals that offered if you sign up to play with real money. Here is a chart you can look at to get some basic information:
poker-site-comparison.gif As you can see, Full-Tilt Poker and PokerStars are near the top. If you were to choose a client to play, I would choose one of those two.


In essence, it doesn’t really matter which of the “Big Three” poker applications you choose. Personally, I choose Full-Tilt Poker. Just because they offer bonus codes and their community is extremely big and diverse. I would recommend to do some experimentations before you commit and stick to one client. Everyone has their own preferences.





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