Why is this four letter word so hard for us to say?  We have a much easier time letting other four letter words slip between our teeth (yeah, THAT one)….


Asking for help is seen in our society as weakness.  It’s as simple as that.  Asking for help may mean that you don’t know how to do something, making you seem stupid or unintelligent.  Asking for help may mean that you have to relinquish control because you simply don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish everything by yourself (I am SO guilty of this).  Or maybe the bigger issue is that we as human beings are so afraid of rejection that we don’t ask for help because we are scared of hearing the “n” word – “NO.”

Think about the different situations in which we never want to face rejection – a date, a job interview, school, etc.  We are surrounded by rejection and we don’t know how to handle it.  Maybe, if we practiced being rejected we would better know how to handle it when it happens instead of tip toeing around the issue.  But who wants to be rejected?  It’s such a personal defeat and takes a toll on your mental state.  It’s like working out your emotions and then being sore the next day.  But how do we get stronger, by shying away from working out?  Hell no.  We get our butts back to that gym and we work harder, building muscle and endurance.


So why not take the leap and just ask for help even if it means being rejected?  I am SO guilty (and I know a few others of you are as well, even if you’re not willing to publicly admit it) of not asking for help and then being upset about NOT receiving it.  This makes no sense.  You can’t be upset about something if you don’t ask for it – being upset is not justified.

At the risk of burning a few bridges here is a real life example:  Just yesterday I spent my afternoon cleaning the apartment.  My one roommate sat there while I cleaned and didn’t offer to help at all and was going to be in my way when I went to go chip away at the layer of dust that had collected on the TV and Xbox (which he was currently playing – he has very high priorities).  I got pissed because he wasn’t helping and didn’t offer to help and I had an asinine amount of homework to do and I also wanted a little relaxation time.  So, in not the very nicest tone, I told him to “Get lost.”  I realize now that this was completely out of line for me (well kind of – he hasn’t really helped with the maintenance of the apartment since we moved in but whatever).  I didn’t ask him to help me so I didn’t really have a right to be pissed at him.

CAUTION: SEXIST COMMENT:  We women need to remember that men are simple minded.  He was playing the Xbox.  Probably thinking more about what f-ing play he was going to run next than noticing that I was scrubbing the dirt off the kitchen floor by myself.  The easiest thing we can do is to stand between the controller and the TV (so it CAN’T work, obviously) and ask for help.  If he says no, well, you decide what to do.  But in my case, the Xbox controllers would be somewhere where the sun doesn’t reach….ever.

If s/he does say no to your asking for help, does that warrant being upset?  Maybe.  It depends on the situation, circumstances, pretty much just your personal opinion of whether or not it’s justified to be mad about.  But remember from last post…..discuss, don’t argue about it.  I could have EASILY flew off the handle (for those of you that know me, you know I have a strong personality and will let you know how I feel – I’m not shy) and yelled at him for how little physical work he does around here.  But it’s much easier to just say, “Hey, I would really appreciate it if you could help around here a little bit more.  Doing the dishes and cleaning up all the time really eats up a lot of time I could be doing homework.”  This can hopefully put things into perspective and make them understand a little bit of why you get frustrated.

On the other hand, if you are that person that is ignorant (maybe on purpose, maybe not) of how much people around you are doing, try being more conscious about it.  I realize now that my mom did a lot around the house and she was maybe guilty of this every once in a while too – the whole not asking for help but then being upset about it thing.  But in hindsight, she really shouldn’t have had to ask us kids to help her.  All we were doing was sitting around watching TV or reading the latest People magazine.  I didn’t realize any of this until I moved out on my own.  Now, when I go back home I make a conscious effort to ask her if she needs help cooking, if she needs help cleaning, if she needs me to pick up anything at the store while I’m out.  I’m not the perfect kid, but I do try to help both of my parents out when necessary.  It’s so relieving sometimes to not have to ask for help but be offered it.  Even if it’s as simple as picking up a towel and drying off the dishes.

So, for those of you who have too much pride to ask for help – just ask.  The worst you can be told is “No,” and then you can either slap the bastard upside the head and hopefully knock some sense into him or you can let it roll off your shoulders and build up a resistance to the “n” word.

And if you’re the one sitting around not doing anything, ask what can be done or if your roommate/family/significant other needs any help doing anything.  It will be rewarding for everyone.

Pocket these two cents if you wish.  You never know when you or someone else might need it.


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iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Reckless Racing Review

If your looking for a fun, simple racer with awesome graphics, then Reckless Racing HD might be for you. Playing this game reminds you of many of the classic games on the original Nintendo, or NES. The premise is simple; beat other racers to win the championship.


The game is played with an overhead isometric view. There are several different control options, but I enjoy the default which is gas and break on the far right and left and right turn arrow on the left, the control is spot on too.

Starting off with the game you get a brief tutorial which also allows you to try out the different controls in real-time. Just tap the one you want to try while playing and you are good to go. Next, you can complete in a championship and more. There are three different classes to choose from; bronze, silver and gold. I personally had no challenge at all on bronze, so I bumped it up right to gold and had a blast. As you race there are obstacles to avoid, but the biggest challenge is just staying on the road! The game has you racing laps on dirt, gravel and paved roads and each feels succinctly different.

There are a few obstacles to watch out for while you race like cans, barrels and boxes. But what is great is that if you are a slick enough driver, you can discover nice shortcuts to help you through the level. The 8 tracks had me wanting a little more levels, though if you place first in the track you unlock the reverse course. I did find the three game modes (race, hot lap and delivery) to be fun as well.

The bonus with this game is with the multiplayer. You get 4 player racing online with Reckless Racing and it adds a whole other level racing with real people. You have leader boards and can save ghosts too. The only real issue I had with the multiplayer aspect is that you don’t know if people are in the middle of a race till you enter their game. If they are racing, you have to wait till the race is over to join. I wish there was a way to see what games were already racing so you could find a game that much easier, or a quick match might work too.

Overall Reckless Racing HD is a blast to play, but is just shy of total greatness due to a few nicks here and there. However, I am sure EA will have new levels and cars with downloadable content soon.

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Facebook Advertising: A Beginner’s Handbook



I’m sure you are as familiar with Facebook as the rest of the world is! Through the years, you may have noticed little advertisements on your “Home” page.  Chances are you’ve “Liked” one of these advertisements. This leads to updates of whatever you liked. Seeing several updates isn’t too bad because of Facebook’s minimalist approach render them inconsequential. That’s why it’s a small wonder why Facebook Ads Marketing has become such an effective method in promoting products and services.

Setting up a Facebook advert is very easy. Once you’ve clicked on the “Create an Ad” option normally seen on the right side bar of the page, you only have to fill up the empty fields with the corresponding information – Destination URL, Title (25 characters max), Body Text (135 characters max) and Image (optional). Of course, it goes without saying that what you put in there could make or break your business. If by chance you’re at a loss on what to do, you can refer to the ‘Design your advert FAQ’ link found on the upper right portion of the ‘Create an Ad’ page.

Ads need to have a destination URL (a website, Facebook page, or a landing page) that Facebook users can go to in order to learn more about your products and services. The title should easily give viewers an idea of what your products are about. What you write for the body text needs to be concise and direct to the point. Viewers of the ad can easily lose interest if you use too many unnecessary words. Lastly, the image of the ad should be noticeable and indicative of your products and services.

So how do you put Facebook Ads to good use? This is done by bidding on keywords that are relevant to your ad’s niche. You can choose between two methods: Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). The CPC mode charges you for every instance your ad is clicked on by any Facebook user, whereas the CPM mode does so for every 1,000 ad views. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. What ever mode you choose, make sure that it corresponds to your budget and campaign goals. With the use of preferences set up by Facebook users in creating their accounts, advertisers can configure the ad’s options to target the intended demographic.

These ads are administered on a daily basis using a specific budget that you are required to provide a value for. There’s a maximum daily budget, so there’s no need to worry about overspending. Facebook users amount to 500 million, so the potential in massive customer acquisition is quite high, provided that you play your cards right.

In spending for ads, you can use a Visa, Mastercard, or a PayPal account. You also need to regularly use Facebook Insights – an online tool that allows Facebook marketers to see the proceeds of the advertising campaign and in turn, make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to steer the campaign in the right direction.

In a final analysis, success in Facebook marketing all boils down to using all the necessary tools from Facebook and being aware of the playing field.

Matthew annotti is a marketing consultant in the New York City area. To learn more about Facebook Marketing
Visit: http://www.facebookmarketingseminar.com

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Guest Blog by LynnNChicago: Twitter World


Good evening lady’s and gentleman!  This week’s post is from LynnNChicago, I’ve been reading her blog for a while now and she posts wonderful material!  Read her material here! Thanks so much!  Without further ado, here is the post!
It has been just over a year since I first typed in “Twitter” to my computer’s browser to see what all the fuss was about.  Like most people, I found Ashton Kutcher and his lovely wife Demi Moore first and began following them.
The only ones follow me were marketing sites that wanted me to buy their wares, none of my friends or family was on Twitter, who has time for that?  A few had taken a look and decided it was useless with just some celebrities plugging their shows, movies or music.   I went to Twitters suggested people to follow and found it to be full of mostly celebrities doing just that!  One of the first that Twitter suggested back then was Maria Shriver, I don’t know if she’s still at the top of their list but I followed and was shocked to see that almost immediately, and Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger followed me too!  WOW, how exciting, this woman is interested in what I have to say?  Ok, I was naïve and possibly a complete idiot, I now know that she was obviously using Twitter software that automatically follows any user that follows you.
So what is Twitter and what is it good for?  Celebrities do use it to remind us to watch their shows, go see their movies and buy their wares, yes they do!   Many also use it to kiss up to one another, there are a few celebs out there who will tweet only to other celebs, it is actually pretty comical, you wonder if they have a special software program that sends an alarm if they’re about to tweet to us common folk.
A few good examples of those Twitter snobs:  Lisa Rinna, wife of LA Law’s Harry Hamlin and a past contestant on Dancing With The Stars.  You will very rarely see this woman tweet to anyone who doesn’t have celebrity status, she chats with Jenny McCarthy, Tori Spelling and Brooke Burke.  With over 60,000 followers this woman gets tweets from fans all the time but wouldn’t be caught dead tweeting to any of them.


Speaking of Brooke Burke, co-host of Dancing With The Stars has over 1.7 million followers and typically tells fans what she’s doing, picking up her children from school, eating lunch, getting her hair and makeup done for the show.  If you’re ever curious as to what this woman does with her day, there is no need to film a day in the life of Brooke Burke, she tweets it all day long.
Many Celebrities are just as addicted to twitter as the rest of us, Denise Richards, Reality star, ex-wife of Sitcom Star Charlie Sheen and mother of his two daughters are just about as addicted as one can get.  She typically only tweets to her inner circle of celebrities as well but is improving a bit by occasionally thanking fans for their compliments to her.
The celebrities like to use their photo programs for Twitter as well, we see photos of things that we really don’t need to see.  One of the more famous twitter photos is Ashton Kutchers’, he posted a photo of his wife, Demi Moore in her underwear bending over giving us a butt shot.  The photo was splashed all over the tabloids and entertainment news shows for days afterward.
Most of us follow a good deal of celebrities, every now and then a celebrity will even respond to one of us commoners and all the villagers cheer!
Another interesting thing that Twitter has changed for the entertainment industry, many of the celebrity Public Relations representatives have become celebrities in their own right.  Case in point, PR Superstar, Jonathan Cheban , he and his partner Simon Huck work with many of Bravo’s Real Housewives, The Kardashians and Nicole Richie among others.  Twitter fans will see PR people tweeting to celebrities and will actually get responses from some of the stars, bringing attention to otherwise unknown PR representatives and they get their very own following.
E! Network recently began airing a reality show featuring Cheban and Huck, I firmly believe that Twitter is partially responsible for this show and its success, provided it is successful.
Bravo TV Network celebrities are almost all Twitter users, with few exceptions it is almost as though Network Executive, Andy Cohen requires his cast to utilize both Facebook and Twitter to promote their show’s and help to allow fans to know more about these people.  The best example of major twitter use would have to be the Housewives series.  The nice thing about Cohen’s law is most of the housewives are pretty good about talking with fans and interacting by responding to questions creating more buzz for his network and allowing people to get to know the cast members.
I do have a few pet peeves about Twitter, I just can’t understand why people ask, sometimes beg people to follow them.  It is always nice to have a good amount of followers, that just takes time, there is no other way around it, you have to be patient and tweet away with fun or interesting information, followers will come.  Asking celebrities to follow you is typically a waste of time, they choose, just as everyone does, who to follow and begging them to follow you is futile at best.
If I were a celebrity, the last person I’d follow is the one that constantly tweets with requests for me to follow them.  By following a fan it allows them to send private direct messages and if a fan is going to inundate me with tweets, presumably they’re going to inundate me with direct messages if I follow them.  I believe that is how celebrities view those requests.
Another pet peeve is the occasional crazy person who asks for really crazy things from celebrities.  Concert tickets, gifts and even money have been requested by fans of celebrities on Twitter.  This, to me, is the equivalent of standing on a corner with a can begging for money.  There is no reason for these people to give away anything, let alone to strangers that they don’t know.  I actually saw one Twitterer send over 40 requests for money to 40 different celebrities claiming they lost their job and are losing their home.  I kid you not!  Just cut and paste the same request over and over and hope for the best?  I am just going to assume that the pleas were unsuccessful.
Most of us follow a good deal of celebrities, every now and then a celebrity will even respond to one of the commoners and all of Twitterville cheers!
Until Next Time…….


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Michael Scott: His Final Season


For those of you who watch, love and enjoy NBC’s hit show “The Office,” Steve Carell announced several months ago that Season 7 (this season) will be the last for him.  Now, this necessarily doesn’t mean that this season will be the final season.  But, with one of the biggest names leaving the show, will it continue to succeed?  My prediction is that the show will last for one…maybe two extra seasons.

E-Online reports this will be the actors last season.  You can read this article here:


Why do stars tend to leave these hit shows?  I know they don’t want to be tied down to a series that is running out of ideas.  But, from my perspective…once a show establishes characters can’t the show go on for 10-11 seasons?  Friends did it!  It will be sad to see Michael Scott leave the show, but I’m a Steve Carell fan.  So, I wish him the best!!!

Here are some funny Michael Scott moments from the show!


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South Park Begins October 6th!


South Park is the most controversial show in recent memory.  Now the show is returning for an EPIC 15h Season!  The show normally follows current events and mocks them in some way.  Most notably last year was the Tiger Woods scandal.  The show has won several critically acclaimed awards including Best TV Series.  The show has a loyal fan base and many expect it to continue that way.

The show has such an array of characters and you have to low each and every one of them.  That is if you’re a fan of the show!  The best character on the show has to be Stan’s Dad, Randy Marsh.  Randy is the parent who tries to fit in with the children while making obscene examples of what he thinks is ‘good’ parenting.

For those of you mature enough to enjoy a GREAT show.  I recomend you start watching on the 6th!



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Stanford Student Accepts YouTube Job via Twitter

Stanford computer science student Feross Aboukhadijeh has recently accepted a job from YouTube CEO Chad Hurley.  Feross has created http://ytinstant.com which is just like Google instant.  Many users aren’t familiar with the term ‘Instant.’  This is the feature used where you type into the google feed and it switches according to what you type.  This is now done through youtube, thanks to Feross.


This is quite shocking.  Feross will still attend Standford University while working for YouTube.  But, it’s amazing how quickly word spreads.  His website hit one million views in less than 10 days.  Expect YouTube to integrate the ‘Instant’ feature right away!

Congratulations to Feross Aboukhadijeh!


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