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What’s good on TV?! …Book him!



Devoted Spouse:  Whaddya wanna watch on tv tonight?

Me:  I dunno, I don’t care, whatever you want.  There’s nothing good on.

Devoted Spouse:  Why don’t we watch some of the shows we have DVR’d?

Me:  Okey dokey… (pulls up DVR List)  Hey!  There’s an episode of Hawaii Five O we haven’t seen.  Wanna watch that?

Devoted Spouse:  Which one is it?  (looks at “information block on DVR”) I don’t recognize this one, do you?

Me:  (looking at information also) Nope, don’t remember it; we must have missed that one.  WAIT!  That’s the pilot – I KNOW we watched the pilot.  But, I don’t remember this.

Devoted Spouse:  I don’t remember it either; let’s just watch it.


Devoted Spouse: I DO remember this….but I don’t remember what happens.  Hmmmm.

Me:  HEY!  I remember it too….but I’m not sure what happens.  How does it end?

Devoted Spouse:  I dunno.

This type of conversation continued throughout the program until about 3 minutes prior to the end of the show when we both finally remembered how it ended.

Devoted Spouse:  I have a great idea.

Me:  (waits to hear this amazing idea)

Devoted Spouse:  Let’s just DVR one show from now on and keep it forever.

Me:  Huh?

Devoted Spouse:  (looks at me with big grin on his face) Obviously we don’t remember them, so when we go back to watch, we will constantly be surprised.  See?  We only need to DVR one show.

Moral of story….maybe aging isn’t all that bad.  Being a little forgetful leads to fun surprises sometimes….like an episode of Hawaii Five O you can enjoy again…and again…and again…sigh..


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Nudist’s on Superbowl Sunday!?

Nudists across the land are sad that the Chicago Bears did not make it into the Super Bowl this year. It would have been even more fun watching a “bareable” event.

Football has it’s own terminology, but to nudists and members of the American Association for Nude Recreation, the words have different meanings. This Super Bowl Sunday you may be a nudist if:

– Kick Off – This means the summer nude sunbathing season has finally arrived and you can’t wait to get to your favorite nudist resort.



– End Zone – The area around the pool where all the nude sunbathers are laying on their stomachs, tanning their backsides.

-Touchdown – You’ve arrived at your favorite nude sunbathing resort and have finished unhooking and leveling your RV.

– Unnecessary Roughness – You forgot your flip flops and now have to walk around barefoot.

– Super Bowl XLI – Bears vs Colts? Nah,  to a nudist it means the Upcoming Superbowl of Nude Volleyball to be held at White Thorn Lodge in PA in Sept 2011.

– Safety – The feeling you have vacationing at your favorite nudist resort.

– First Down – First one out of their clothes relaxing down at the pool.

– Return – What you do year after year visiting your favorite nudist resorts.

– Penalty – Being stuck watching the Super Bowl with non-nudist friends and having to wear clothes.

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Ouch! …That Hurts! Video’s Included!

The past week has been the debut of many Television shows.  Most notably are: Two and a Half Men, The Office, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and The Amazing Race.

For those of you who haven’t seen ‘The Amazing Race,’ it follows teams of two people (who are somehow related) throughout the world completing various tasks.  While in London, it was their task to fire a watermelon, yes a watermelon, at a suit of armor.  Why?  …because thats good TV!


Contestant Claire made television history by taking a watermelon to the face! You do feel bad for the girl, but at the same time you can’t help but laugh.  In the picture to the right, you can see the Watermelon flying back at her face.  Here is a short video for those who want a quick laugh.  Here is the video – – the girl takes it like a champ and doesn’t even cry!

This made me think of other videos that fall into the “Ouch! …That Hurts!” category. – Young boy gets hit by a full court basketball shot (MUST SEE) – Soccer ball to face – Kid meets garbage can

What “Ouch! …That Hurts!” videos do you know?! Comment and share!

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Katy Perry ‘Cut’ From Sesame Street

Hello folks!  I was browsing ABC’s website this morning and I stumbled upon an interesting video that I want to share with everyone.  In this video – Icon, Katy Perry makes her ‘debut’ on the infamous children’s show, Sesame Street.  I encourage my readers to view at least several segments of the video because it really gets you thinking about pop culture today.


After Katy Perry’s video was ‘leaked’ online before the broadcast of the Sesame Street episode, many parents were outraged of Perry’s dress.  Parents claimed she was exposing too much of herself and that her dress was too low exposing her cleavage.  Many parents were outraged and didn’t want their children to see this clip, even though its broadcasted on the internet…specifically on YouTube.

Sesame Street proclaims they removed the video based on the feedback from parents.  Yet, from the interview with “Elmo” and “Grover” (scary that I’m citing an interview with fictional puppets!), it seems they would like to have Katy back on the show.  Probably covering herself up this time.  Sesame street has been known for having celebrities make appearances on their show.  This is great for Sesame Street because it allows parents to connect to the show as well.

Seeing how this is a children’s show, I’m not shocked to see Sesame Street pull the video.  They don’t want to damage their reputation.  On the other hand, I’m a little shocked they would produce the video and have it ready to air and then decide to ‘cut’ the skit.  What do you think?

I thought I’d post several other videos of celebrities on Sesame Street because I find it quite amusing.  Hope you enjoy!


Artist and Band Member – Will.I.Am – Singing a song on Sesame Street –

Actress – Jessica Alba – Ironically defining the word “Scrumptious” 😉 –

Even the boy band – Back Street Boys – Make a music video with Elmo! –


Please post your own Sesame Street video’s of celebrities that you like!

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