Nudist’s on Superbowl Sunday!?

Nudists across the land are sad that the Chicago Bears did not make it into the Super Bowl this year. It would have been even more fun watching a “bareable” event.

Football has it’s own terminology, but to nudists and members of the American Association for Nude Recreation, the words have different meanings. This Super Bowl Sunday you may be a nudist if:

– Kick Off – This means the summer nude sunbathing season has finally arrived and you can’t wait to get to your favorite nudist resort.



– End Zone – The area around the pool where all the nude sunbathers are laying on their stomachs, tanning their backsides.

-Touchdown – You’ve arrived at your favorite nude sunbathing resort and have finished unhooking and leveling your RV.

– Unnecessary Roughness – You forgot your flip flops and now have to walk around barefoot.

– Super Bowl XLI – Bears vs Colts? Nah,  to a nudist it means the Upcoming Superbowl of Nude Volleyball to be held at White Thorn Lodge in PA in Sept 2011.

– Safety – The feeling you have vacationing at your favorite nudist resort.

– First Down – First one out of their clothes relaxing down at the pool.

– Return – What you do year after year visiting your favorite nudist resorts.

– Penalty – Being stuck watching the Super Bowl with non-nudist friends and having to wear clothes.

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