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South Park Begins October 6th!


South Park is the most controversial show in recent memory.  Now the show is returning for an EPIC 15h Season!  The show normally follows current events and mocks them in some way.  Most notably last year was the Tiger Woods scandal.  The show has won several critically acclaimed awards including Best TV Series.  The show has a loyal fan base and many expect it to continue that way.

The show has such an array of characters and you have to low each and every one of them.  That is if you’re a fan of the show!  The best character on the show has to be Stan’s Dad, Randy Marsh.  Randy is the parent who tries to fit in with the children while making obscene examples of what he thinks is ‘good’ parenting.

For those of you mature enough to enjoy a GREAT show.  I recomend you start watching on the 6th!




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Stanford Student Accepts YouTube Job via Twitter

Stanford computer science student Feross Aboukhadijeh has recently accepted a job from YouTube CEO Chad Hurley.  Feross has created which is just like Google instant.  Many users aren’t familiar with the term ‘Instant.’  This is the feature used where you type into the google feed and it switches according to what you type.  This is now done through youtube, thanks to Feross.


This is quite shocking.  Feross will still attend Standford University while working for YouTube.  But, it’s amazing how quickly word spreads.  His website hit one million views in less than 10 days.  Expect YouTube to integrate the ‘Instant’ feature right away!

Congratulations to Feross Aboukhadijeh!


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Ouch! …That Hurts! Video’s Included!

The past week has been the debut of many Television shows.  Most notably are: Two and a Half Men, The Office, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and The Amazing Race.

For those of you who haven’t seen ‘The Amazing Race,’ it follows teams of two people (who are somehow related) throughout the world completing various tasks.  While in London, it was their task to fire a watermelon, yes a watermelon, at a suit of armor.  Why?  …because thats good TV!


Contestant Claire made television history by taking a watermelon to the face! You do feel bad for the girl, but at the same time you can’t help but laugh.  In the picture to the right, you can see the Watermelon flying back at her face.  Here is a short video for those who want a quick laugh.  Here is the video – – the girl takes it like a champ and doesn’t even cry!

This made me think of other videos that fall into the “Ouch! …That Hurts!” category. – Young boy gets hit by a full court basketball shot (MUST SEE) – Soccer ball to face – Kid meets garbage can

What “Ouch! …That Hurts!” videos do you know?! Comment and share!

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iPhone Rumors

Ever since it’s debut, the iPhone has been the ‘King’ of all phones.  Recently, there have been many rumors regarding the status of the iPhone.  in other words, the iPhone may end up on another carrier besides AT&T.  Necessarily this isn’t a bad thing.  There have been many rumors for several months that the apple is mass producing CDMA technology iPhone’s.  Why is this important?  AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM carriers while Sprint and Verizon are CDMA carriers.  Essentially, the iPhone is going to make a debut on another carrier.


Will Apple release an iPhone for a CDMA carrier in 2010 or early 2011?  Rumor has it, early 2011 is a good estimate.  If you are thinking from Apple’s perspective, releasing the phone around the Holidays (November-ish) would be the smartest business decision.

I don’t have an iPhone at the moment, but I would get an iPhone instantly if it switched to a CDMA carrier.  The iPhone is a innovative technology and I think it would dominate the phone market if it was on more than AT&T’s network.

What is your opinion?

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Our Favorite Serial Killer Returns


Tomorrow is the Premiere for one of TV’s most anticipated TV Show’s – Dexter.  Before I start my post, I’m going to try and avoid any spoilers.  With last season coming to a ‘shocking’ end, everyone is wondering what will happen during this season of Dexter. That includes myself!  Tomorrow’s premiere will begin at 9 pm (Eastern) and should answer many questions that die hard fans have.

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer for Season 5 which was shown at Comic Con, here it is: –  WARNING: DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE END OF SEASON 4!!!

This was shown at Comic Con and since the showing of the video, many people are wondering what angle the writers are going to take this season.

Hears what I can tell you.  This season will not feature a predominate antagonist.  In other words, we will not see a villain like Trinity (John Lithgow) like last season.  There will be a villain, but that will not be the main focus.  So, from my perspective, I feel as if this season will focus on Dexter and his relationship to other people.

What do you think?



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Katy Perry ‘Cut’ From Sesame Street

Hello folks!  I was browsing ABC’s website this morning and I stumbled upon an interesting video that I want to share with everyone.  In this video – Icon, Katy Perry makes her ‘debut’ on the infamous children’s show, Sesame Street.  I encourage my readers to view at least several segments of the video because it really gets you thinking about pop culture today.


After Katy Perry’s video was ‘leaked’ online before the broadcast of the Sesame Street episode, many parents were outraged of Perry’s dress.  Parents claimed she was exposing too much of herself and that her dress was too low exposing her cleavage.  Many parents were outraged and didn’t want their children to see this clip, even though its broadcasted on the internet…specifically on YouTube.

Sesame Street proclaims they removed the video based on the feedback from parents.  Yet, from the interview with “Elmo” and “Grover” (scary that I’m citing an interview with fictional puppets!), it seems they would like to have Katy back on the show.  Probably covering herself up this time.  Sesame street has been known for having celebrities make appearances on their show.  This is great for Sesame Street because it allows parents to connect to the show as well.

Seeing how this is a children’s show, I’m not shocked to see Sesame Street pull the video.  They don’t want to damage their reputation.  On the other hand, I’m a little shocked they would produce the video and have it ready to air and then decide to ‘cut’ the skit.  What do you think?

I thought I’d post several other videos of celebrities on Sesame Street because I find it quite amusing.  Hope you enjoy!


Artist and Band Member – Will.I.Am – Singing a song on Sesame Street –

Actress – Jessica Alba – Ironically defining the word “Scrumptious” 😉 –

Even the boy band – Back Street Boys – Make a music video with Elmo! –


Please post your own Sesame Street video’s of celebrities that you like!

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Dealing with Negativity

The following review is in response to a fellow Blogger –

You can find his post here –


Negative people are all around us.  But, how we deal with those people really define who we are.  “A Philosopher’s Blog” (now referred to A Phil), really got to me in his blog post.  He stresses there are two types of people out there: 1) Those who have nothing nice to say 2) Spammers who are post useless comments your blog with useless comments.


In regards to the Spam…Just delete these posts! But, wouldn’t it be convenient if blog sites did a much better job on screening their members?  Or at least there comments?  That would be a “perfect” world.  Yet, we have to deal with excessive spam.  But negative comments are another issue.

In regards to negative comments, we as bloggers can not determine a certain tone or voice from simply reading a message.  We have to be able to look at these messages from both sides of the coin.  On occasion you will get users who genuinely comment on your blog, but there wording may come off as “mean” or “rude.”  It’s just text folks!  There are mean people out there and those comments should be deleted, but all comments should be reviewed.  Take your readers questions/comments to heart and respond to them!

So, for my first blog post I thought I would post a quick review of another bloggers post.  With my own two cents of course!

But, should we really allow negativity to rule our lives?  What are you questions/comments?  Please let me know!

(This is my FIRST blog post.  Feel free to comment on style, point of view, etc.  It’s greatly appreciated!)

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